Epsilon Net in a nutshell

Epsilon Net SA is a rapidly growing Group of Companies, which was established in 1999 and is now active in Business Software Development (Epsilon Net Software), in the development of online content (Epsilon Net Network) and in vocational education (Epsilon Net Training).

Epsilon Net Group has been a benchmark in software development in Greece for more than 20 years. Currently, it employs more than 1500 people in Athens and Thessaloniki and has an ever-growing, certified network of 500 resellers throughout Greece. More than 150,000 companies who are active in the broader economic environment, base their daily operation on Epsilon Net products and services, thus ensuring they get timely and valuable information, necessary for decision-making.

Epsilon Net’s range of software includes specialized solutions for accountancy offices and digitalization of businesses.

Consistently following the path of continuous development and strengthening the model of cooperation movements on the basis of technological partnership, Epsilon Net announced the acquisition of 80% of DATA COMMUNICATION SA in October 2020. Through the cooperation of the two companies, Epsilon Net seeks to expand its customer base and provide the most technologically advanced services for businesses.

In January 2021, Epsilon Net made a significant business move which redefined the business software industry in Greece. Epsilon Net acquired SingularLogic in creative cooperation with Space Hellas SA. The establishment of Epsilon SingularLogic SA will be the business arm of the Group in the field of ERP systems and commercial applications for businesses. It will utilize the very large clientele ( over 40,000 customers) as well as the important nationwide resellers network of SingularLogic.

Epsilon HR is a subsidiary of the Group and specializes in solutions for Human Resources / Payroll departments. Following the acquisition of the source code and rights of SCAN products, it now holds a leading position in the Greek market.

The new Cloud and Mobile technologies facilitate the work activity of the modern professional, providing more flexibility and reliability. Epsilon Net software products come with an excellent technical support by a team of 150 executives and serve every type of business, regardless of size and industry.

The Epsilon Net Group confirms its ambition to be a one-stop-shop destination for the modern professional, as it also offers specialized, 24/7 business information and a network for resolving tax issues under the supervision of a specialized Scientific Team. In addition, Epsilon Net Training is a reputable solution for vocational education of professionals in the broader economic sector. The newly established Epsilon Net College is the culmination of our effort to provide unlimited access to scientific information and knowledge by making the most of the possibilities provided by high technology.

Epsilon Net has received more than 75 national and international awards for its products, support, innovation and working environment. 2020 is a benchmark year as Epsilon Net was listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.

Epsilon Net has launched PYLON platform in 2014. PYLON is a groundbreaking, next generation solution; a comprehensive and integrated software applications platform. It offers a single, unified environment with unique advantages that are necessary for the operation and success of modern businesses. PYLON has penetrated vertical markets and has particularly been successful in the hospitality sector. Epsilon Net made the largest investment move of an IT company in Greece for the past year. Following its participation in the shareholding structure of HiT SA, it has also integrated Sysco SA and hoteliga International Sp. z o.o. into a new commercial partnership that is a game changer for the hospitality business.

The size of our target markets is rapidly expanding after the implementation of a new legislation regarding mandatory electronic invoicing for all Greek companies and freelancers. Epsilon Smart and Epsilon Digital are prime solutions for the digital transformation of SME and are expected to bring a significant boost to our existing clientele.

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EPSILON NET SA was founded in 1999 and it is registered on the Record Book of Limited Companies of Thessaloniki’ s Prefecture with the number MAE 43452/62/B/99/194. It is also registered on the Record Book of the Industrial Chamber of Thessaloniki with the number 86153.

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Awards - Certifications

A series of prestigious distinctions, both at the Hellenic and International level, reward the Group's innovative Services and Products. Thank you!

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