Epsilon Net Group at a glance

Epsilon Net S.A. is a fast-growing group of companies, active since 1999 in the areas of Business Software Development (Epsilon Net Software) and Education (Epsilon Net Training). Today, more than 28.000 companies from all sectors as well as finance and tax professionals from the broader financial sector trust Epsilon Net’s products and services for their daily operation. (Executives in Finance and Business, HR Departments, freelance tax professionals, etc.) Being faithful to its vision, Epsilon Net invests in cutting-edge technologies and, after years of experience in the field of technology, offers a range of integrated services and solutions.

Epsilon Net’s software products come with an excellent technical support by a team of 150 executives and serve every type of business, regardless of size and industry. Epsilon Net’s range of software includes specialized solutions for both accountancy offices and businesses. In addition, the new CLOUD and MOBILE technologies modernize and facilitate the day-to-day work activity of the professional, providing more flexibility and reliability.

Epsilon Net’s applications for organized payrolls and accountancy offices are well established products in the Greek market and the first choice among professional accountants. Pylon is Epsilon Net’s next-generation solution for businesses computerization, an integrated software application platform that covers businesses of all types and sizes, vertical markets, etc.

Epsilon Net Group of Companies has been a benchmark in information systems development for more than 20 years, employing over 370 people in Athens and Thessaloniki and an ever-growing network of 300 certified resellers throughout Greece at its disposal.

Epsilon Net its been listed in the Athens Stock Exchange since 2008.

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