VEROUKAS Group (BAZAAR, ALPIKO) has chosen PYLON Hybrid platform by Epsilon SingularLogic for its digital transformation

VEROUKAS Group of Companies and BAZAAR S.A., member of the Group, after a long-term research for an ERP- HRMS-CRM-WMS-ECOMMERCE and E-invoicing solution followed by a particularly thorough evaluation of Greek and international integrated systems, have chosen PYLON Hybrid by Epsilon SingularLogic, member of the EPSILON NET Group, in order to meet the requirements of all the companies and departments of the Group, achieving interdepartmental communication.

It is worth noting that the project is already being implemented.


  • PYLON ERP - CRM - SFA Hybrid to cover the needs of the commercial & financial management, monitoring & communication with customers-suppliers, as well as on-site order taking via mobile devices
  • PYLON SCM Hybrid for warehouse and distribution automation
  • DIGITAL4U ECOMMERCE, integration of the online store with PYLON Hybrid
  • EPSILON DIGITAL, for the Group's e-invoicing, through a certified provider

At the same time, it is important to mention that the Human Resources Management system, PYLON HRM, has already been successfully implemented.

Mr. Christos Sapoundzoglou, CIO of the VEROUKAS Group, stated: "Aiming to modernize and upgrade the quality of our Group's IT systems, we evaluated almost all the major Software Houses in Greece. From the start, an important criterion has been the management of our warehouses, a matter of major importance for our activity. We are confident that Epsilon SingularLogic's PYLON Hybrid, offering the competitive advantage of Hybrid technology, end-to-end integrated environment and WMS functionality, constitutes the solution that fully meets all our needs."

With the PYLON Hybrid platform, VEROUKAS Group expects to significant benefits, such as:

  • Implementation of a Supply Chain Management system, with functionalities that cover both the management of the central warehouse and the regional warehouses (receipts, storage, shipping, etc.) but also the support of logistics for third parties (3PL). The functionality does not require separate databases and additional interfaces, providing this way real time management and information.
  • Seamless operation in complex circuits, such as complex agreements with suppliers, multiple commercial policies, reorder rules for store resupply, etc.
  • Integration of the organization's units and departments to promote a unified corporate culture, through the unified environment offered by the new system
  • Complete utilization of operational information with an integrated MIS that will lead to strategic decision-making
  • Optimize the automation of processes as a whole, in order to eliminate errors and reduce management time

Confirming the above-mentioned, Mr. Spyros Petsalis, CFO of the VEROUKAS Group, stated: "The main factors that influenced our selection were comprehensiveness and scalability. An equally important role in our decision played the fact that the EPSILON NET Group is the largest and most rapidly growing IT Group in Greece, which gives us the confidence for a long-term cooperation through the continuous improvement of the technological solutions and services it provides us".

Epsilon SingularLogic in a nutshell

Epsilon SingularLogic, a member of the EPSILON NET Group, offers leading and innovative design, development and implementation solutions for IT systems and builds added value for all businesses and important vertical markets, providing comprehensive solutions to its customers. The company dominates the Greek IT market, employing the most qualified executives with 30+ years of experience in the industry and specialized expertise in ERP, CRM, RETAIL, WMS, MOBILE, MIS systems, with a certified and strong network of more than 500 resellers. Today, the EPSILON NET Group provides products and services for more than 125,000 businesses, having responded to particularly complex and demanding projects, thanks to the implementation of modern technologies.

Veroukas Group in a nutshell

VEROUKAS Group is a Greek company which counts more than 100 years in the market, operating in the sector of Super Market, Food Service & Logistics. The group's primary goal is to provide excellent customer service both in retail and wholesale, emphasizing on quality. The group presents continuous and stable profitability, with a turnover of more than 200 million euros, non-bank lending and employs more than 1800 workers nationwide. Focusing on its growth and evolution, VEROUKAS group proceeds in the modernization and digital transformation of all its supporting services. The Group is rapidly establishing a model Logistics center in Athens of more than 20,000 square meters, while at the same time expands its facilities in Thessaloniki, Santorini and Rhodes. Additionally, it expands the Super Market BAZAAR retail store network both in the mainland and the islands of the country. Aiming to elevate customer’s shopping experience, the group is proceeding with the renovation of the existing stores and the complete redesign of the bazaar-online.

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