Business Activities

In order to achieve the best service possible and total satisfaction of customer needs, Epsilon Net’s activities are categorized into three Business Units:

1. Epsilon Net Software (software applications and database development)
2. Epsilon Net Network (accounting & labor portal & subscription-based consulting services)
3. Epsilon Net Training (vocational training programs)

1. Epsilon Net Software (business software for businesses and professionals)
Epsilon Net Software covers the demands of businesses, financial and tax consultants on accounting, fiscal and commercial management issues. With high technical knowledge and excellent command of the market, the company offers integrated support solutions, having as the main priority the development of high-tech products.

  • Epsilon Net Software business unit has reached significant growth rates by incorporating innovative elements into software installation, updates, and management procedures, receiving, as a result, a high response from the clients. With a high level of know-how and continuous training, its employees utilize innovative tools and technologies of software development, maintaining constantly the computer products on the edge of technological progress.
    Epsilon Net has developed specialized software products and accompanying modules to fully meet the needs of accountants, tax consultants, and businesses.
    Specifically, according to their features and the target market they serve,
    software products are categorized in two (2) series to:
    EXTRA series contains Accounting & Payroll Management products and it addresses to accounting offices
    BUSINESS series contains Business & Payroll Management products and it addresses to businesses
  • All software products are Windows-based applications with simple and handy function, designed under the most advanced programming languages (Microsoft.Net, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, Delphi 7) and the continuous support (online support tool 24 hours a day) by the scientific department of Epsilon Net.
    At the same time, the company provides telephone support Monday-Friday from 09:00 to 21:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 14:30. The software products allow the user to have easy management of the application subsystems, while the product updates are done through the Internet and the application itself, with an automatic notice to the users for the existence of new updates.
    Moreover, the company develops a custom software product that covers the special needs of its clients.

Extra Software (Accounting Management & Payroll products)
Extra series consists of integrated applications of monitoring, keeping and controlling the books and the operations of a business, responding always to the demands of the accountants, tax consultants, and accounting offices.
I) Extra Payroll
The software product Extra Payroll is a complete Windows-based application of monitoring and calculating the payroll of the employees of a business.
II) Extra Revenue-Expenses
The software product Extra Revenue-Expenses is a Windows-based application designed to have an accounting monitoring of businesses with A&B category bookkeeping (of purchases, revenue-expenses).
ΙΙΙ) Extra General Accounting
The software product Extra General Accounting is a trustworthy and integrated application for the accounting management of all necessary works of a business and the complete C category bookkeeping.
IV) Extra Accounting Management
The software product Extra Accounting Management is an integrated application for the accounting monitoring of businesses with A, B and C category books that operates in a Windows environment.
V) Extra Tax System
The software product Tax System is the ultimate contemporaneous application of calculating the income tax and filling out the relevant documents. It provides a subsystem of connecting to the tax and adjustment forms (e.g. E2 and E9) and the automatic tax clearance.
VI) Accountants CRM
The software product Accountants CRM is an application of managing and coordinating the workflow of an accounting office, of monitoring fiscal, labor and several other duties of the clients of an accounting office.
VII) Cash Register Management
The software product Cash Register Management is a tool for managing the cash inflow and outflow of an accounting office. The application offers a special circuit for the management of the clients’ responsibilities to third parties.

Business Software (Commercial Management and Payroll applications)
The Business series consists of integrated applications of monitoring, maintaining, coordinating and controlling the operations of a business, by offering at the same time the necessary information and the possibility of easy utilization of the information, so that the right business decisions are taken. There are three available types of Business Software applications that reassure the total satisfaction of needs of every size of a company, and there are as well staff payroll management applications.

2. Epsilon Net Network (products for scientific information through the Internet)
I) e-forologia
It is actually a networking portal, with a number of tools of information, filing and functional utilization of the legislation. It addresses to all businesses and professionals of the wider financial field. The users of the system obtain the possibility to use electronically developed tools in order to find solutions to tax and labor issues. Depending on their needs, the users of the new platform of information and updates have in their hands a series of tools such as:
II) Online Bank
A complete database on the Internet that consists of the amount of the Tax and Labor Legislation clauses. The system contains full management and coding of all the fundamental tax laws. In addition, it provides the most complete search engine of the Greek market for the fastest and most valid tracking of bulletins, laws, and decisions.
III) Tax e-Calendar
It is a networking tool for tax and labor tasks management. It contains the amount of the responsibilities, either they are fixed or not. It is directly updated with all changes in the closing dates throughout the year.
IV) Komvos – network of solutions to tax issues
It is a database of answers to questions on tax and labor issues, which is based on a network of dialogue and communication between the Tax Expert members all over Greece. The members of Tax Expert are accountants, economists, financial managers of large companies, members of the Public Administration, members of the Academic and Scientific Community.
V) Epsilon 7
The scientific department of Epsilon Net presents all the developments in the Accounting field in a substantial and convenient way.
Plenty of articles – studies by accomplished scientists reflect every month the status of current affairs. They analyze and explain the new legislative clauses while at the same time they shape their application frame through functional examples.
The main parts of the accounting current affairs for tax, labor, commercial law, stockbroking, and investment issues are included in Epsilon 7, providing in such way substantial information on everything the professionals in the financial environment need to know.
VI) e-magazine
The first tax/accounting e-magazine in Greece, with a handy table of contents, special setup of the content for the best e-utilization by the user and many active links throughout the content, so that the user receives additional information through Internet pages.

3. Epsilon Net Training (specialized training services)
This business unit provides specialized training services to business executives and professionals through a variety of professional training programs. Specifically:
a) Vocational postgraduate titles
Epsilon Net in cooperation with the Association of International Accountants of Great Britain (AIA) prepares small groups of students to participate in exams of professional specialization and certification in subjects such as Auditing, International Financial Reporting Standards and Internal Review.
The Association of International Accountants (AIA) of Great Britain is among the six most recognized bodies of certification of accountants of the United Kingdom and it is recognized, according to the directive, for the certification of vocational training and the licensing of vocational training titles in all 28 member countries of the European Union.

The vocational titles of certification offered by Epsilon Net are as follows:
- Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards
- Diploma in Auditing & Internal Review
- Diploma in Managerial Accounting & Costing
b) Groups of inter-company training in financial/tax and managing issues
The main goal is the training on current affairs that change progressively and the fast and immediate training of the people concerned.
The subjects that are developed cover a wide range of demands, as they address to all sectors of a business focusing on accounting, tax, financial and managing issues, as well as to managers of all grades of hierarchy, from the bottom to the top of the scale.
c) Corporate Business training
The duration and the form of these training programs are shaped especially by the businesses that demand specialized training adaptable to their managers’ needs. The possibility of the businesses concerned to shape the seminar and adjust it to their needs makes these programs successful and effective.
The company has been established as an important training organization all over Greece with a focus on issues of International Financial Reporting Standards, Accounting, Taxation, and Financial Management. The training programs take place mainly to the training centers of the company in Athens and Thessaloniki.
At the same time, training programs have been and are being materialized in all big Greek cities, according to the annual training schedule (Xanthi, Kavala, Larisa, Volos, Ioannina, Patras and Heraklion).

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