Epsilon Net Training

Epsilon Net Training is the timeless and trustworthy solution for Economists, Accountants and Executives in the training area. 

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PYLON Commercial

PYLON Commercial is a new generation application that serves all-time needs of commercial systems.

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The site that brought first in Greece the tax and labor laws on electronic means and the only that has a junction of 17.000+ scientific answers for questions.

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Epsilon Net Bussiness Activities

In order to achieve the best service and the total satisfaction of customer needs and demands, Epsilon Net’s activities are categorized according to the three following Business Units.
1. Epsilon Net Software (software applications and database development)
2. Epsilon Net Network
(financial portal e-forologia & online subscriber services)
3. Epsilon Net Training
(specialized training services)

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Customer support is our specialty! The only informatics company that achieved the 1st Award on Client Service in 2012 and was at the same time finalist in four out of ten categories of the Nacional Client Service Awards in 2012 and in 2011.

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