EPSILON NET among the 100 best companies in Europe and Mr Michos among the top 10 Business leaders of the year in the European Business Awards

During the European Business Awards 2013/2014 100 National Champion European businesses were awarded with the distinctive title “Ruban d’Honneur” and 27 National Public Champions were selected.

Among the 100 National Champion European businesses that were awarded with the title “Ruban d’Honneur” there are 10 Greek companies, which makes it an extraordinary success as for the first time so many Greek businesses were chosen as finalists in a contest with 15.000 companies-participants from 27 countries.

Espilon Net together with the rest of the Greek companies was a nominee in the category Entrepreneur of the Year. This forms a great European distinction, following the company’s inclusion in the Europe’s 500 job creating companies as well as in the 1000 Europe’s Best Companies in R&D. It moreover verifies Epsilon Net’ s continuous course to growth, its recognition in the European environment and even more its strategic business model based on innovation and satisfaction of customer needs through the offer of a unique product blend.

The rest of the awarded Greek companies apart from Epsilon Net, and to which we address our honest congratulations, are the following:

  • COCO-MAT: The BP Target Neutral Growth Strategy of the Year
  • DIAMANTIS MASOUTIS: The Infosys Business of the Year Award [t/o €150m +]
  • GLOBO GROUP: The BP Target Neutral Growth Strategy of the Year Award
  • ONEX: The RSM Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • PLAISIO COMPUTERS: The Infosys Business of the Year Award [t/o €150m +]
  • POWER HEALTH HELLAS: The Award for Customer Focus
  • SARMED: The Infosys Business of the Year Award [t/o €0-25m]
  • SEPTONA: The Import/Export Award
  • TERRA CRETA: The Import/Export Award

In addition, the Greek company SKROUTZ was awarded by the audience as the National Public Champion.

The next station for the 100 Ruban d’Honneur winners selected by European businessmen, academics and opinion leaders, is Dusseldorf where they will go for the 1st place in the category where they participate.

We, the Epsilon Net family, would like to thank most sincerely our more than 20.000 clients and more than 150 partners for their continuous trust on our products and services and we are here to tell them that we will continue providing them high-tech solutions and practices with the same passion and loyalty, always standing up to the challenges and the changes of our social and financial environment.


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